Emory Wheel: “New Leader, Same Big Government”

From my bi-weekly column in my school newspaper, the Emory Wheel:

In liberal blogs and opinion magazines the tone toward Obama’s proposed “economic reforms” is that they must be approved — and approved immediately; anything else is just simple-minded Republican obstructionism. One woman put it best (or worst) when she wrote, “Obama and the Democrats are like the firemen trying to put out a fire, and the Republicans just want to quibble over how much water to use and which buckets to send where.”

It doesn’t take a great mental leap to imagine a Republican saying the exact same thing about the Democrats during debates over national security, but for all the complaining that the Democrats did back then — with their appeals to the Constitution, the separation of powers and limits to executive power — it seems they never learned to live by the Golden Rule. The Constitution is only meant as a restraint on their opponents, not on the Democrats themselves. What they were opposed to during all of these debates, it is becoming clearer, was not unconstitutional and intrusive government; rather it was unconstitutional and intrusive government that they did not control.

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