Empire much?

It seems that the United States, not happy with the “progress” being made in Afghanistan, will now be calling upon its economic dependents to send their troops in to help in the war effort. The US Military is now training commandos in both Georgia (the country) and Colombia in preparation for these troops’ entrance into the Afghani theater.

Two interesting things to note:

1 – Both Georgia and Colombia are dependent on US foreign aid and support.

2 – Neither of these countries are bound by the restrictive NATO rules of war which restrict NATO forces from taking certain actions, and no statement has been made to the date of this posting saying that such a binding will occur.

Students of history will remember that empires ranging from the Persians to the Romans often called upon tributary states to send soldiers and mercenaries to fight when the going got rough. Interestestingly enough, both did so in the region that is now Afghanistan, a country that has historically not been kind to invaders as recent as the USSR.

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