End of the Year at UW-Whitewater

YAL at UW-Whitewater has had an incredible past two weeks wrapping up our spring semester. We held Ax the Tax on Monday April 17th in our University Center. Our table generated quite the conversation and we had a few sign ups. Mostly, we had students and professors ask about our view on taxes and how effective Ax the Tax could be. It was great for our members to voice their opinion and understand (for themselves) the importance of Axing the Tax. We had two stacks of copy paper on display, along with the rubber ax and an information sheet on how big the tax code actually is.

On Thursday April 20th, we had an End the (Failed) War on Drugs bake sale in our University Center. We incorporated Incarceration Nation by talking about drugs and the prison system, as well as handing out cards on how to deal with the police. This bake sale was a fundraiser but was also a way to bring awareness to the failed drug war. Many students stopped by and purchased goods, all of which alluded to drugs (marijuana and so forth). A few concerned professors stopped by but were met with intelligent conversation about drugs and left having a better understanding on the importance of ending this decades long war. Students seemed very enthusiastic about this event.

On Tuesday May 2nd, we will wrap up our spring semester at a local restaurant. Next semester we are planning on tackling more events and recruiting actively throughout the semester with different tactics (petitioning, flyers, etc.). We started the semester with 10 or so active members, now we have added more regular attendees and have over 35 new email recipients. I am impressed with my chapter members and their hard work, we have a lot coming this fall!

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