“End the Drug War” bake sale with YAL @ Millersville!

On September 29, Young Americans for Liberty at Millersville University held an End The Drug War bake sale to raise money for our organization and raise awareness about the drug war. We sold brownies out of pots, “pot brownies,” and handed out information about the economic benefits of ending the drug war. 


We used our awesome Students For Liberty “End the Drug War” kit, which included stickers, pens, t-shirts, and posters. 


We baked over ten dozen batches of brownies! Some of us got together in the dorms to bake and others had baking parties at their off-campus homes.


At our event we asked for a donation in return for one of our “pot” brownies. Our first person to stop by the bake sale gave us a $10 donation! 


One of our new members, a sophomore graphic design major named Emily, creatively came up with the idea of rolling up pieces of paper with our club’s information in them as “joints” to hand out to students as well. We got a kick out of asking students if they “wanted a joint??” only for them to realize what we were doing!


To motivate our chapter during our bake sale, chapter President Kaytee and chapter Secretary Chris set us up for a challenge. Whoever put themselves out there and spoke with the most students would win an End The Drug War t-shirt! sophomore communications major Adam won for his creative ways of handing out “joints” to students. 


Our campus was extremely receptive to our bake sale! Our initial goal for the event was to raise somewhere between $50-$60, but we ended up raising $108!!

We had four new members show up to our End The Drug war presentation that evening, where we snacked on some of our unsold brownies. During our meeting, we had a raffle for group members to win the two posters we used for the bake sale during the day. This was our largest attendance at a meeting yet!


Another successful activism event in the books here at Millersville!

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