End the Fed Book Bomb

LewRockwell.com is holding an End the Fed book bomb to drive up pre-orders of Ron Paul’s new book on Amazon in anticipation of its September 16th release date, right before the Campaign for Liberty Northeast Regional Conference:

Ron Paul has lit a prairie fire for liberty. His movement is growing and growing. If you want to see that continue, and maybe even help prepare the way for a 2012 run for the presidency, pre-order as many copies of End the Fed as you can.

We can rock that marble palace on Constitution(!) Avenue in DC, where Dr. Bernanke and the gang have their lairs. But that means enabling End the Fed to debut on Amazon at #1 on September 16, 2009, for the sake of our ideas, our children and grandchildren, and our country.

Click here to learn more, and here to pre-order.  End the Fed is currently ranked at #31 on Amazon, and it has already topped the charts for the categories of economic policy & development, economic history, and political.

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