“End the Fed” Sign Contest EXTENDED

For those of you who are pressed for time or haven’t even heard about this contest yet, our “End the Fed” sign contest has been extended to June 11th. Send a photo or actual sign in to enter into the contest. Stacy Litz, from the Drexel University Student Liberty Front will be compiling all entries to form an online gallery, a way to turn our signs into art forms of the First Amendment.

Once June 11th arrives, the submission line will be closed and the signs will be put up for ALL to vote upon. The TOP 5 signs will find their way into the hands of rebels and disgruntled citizens in the film Silver Circle. Here’s a way to get some use out of that sign until November when the next End the Fed rally comes around. Any monetary policy signs and End the Fed signs are welcome. 

If you have any questions or to RSVP to the event visit the event page on facebook.

Spread the word on your blogs and social networking pages so we can create an amazing online gallery as well as have some original signs to place into the animated hands of our Rebels in Silver Circle. To learn more about the film visit our website here.

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