End the Income Tax While You’re At It

Sick of imperialist wars? Sick of nation building? Sick of losing your hard earned dollars to support the welfare state? Sick of an out of control regime called the US Government? There’s a nice remedy proposed by Dr. Paul (Ending the Fed). J. Bracken Lee also has a prescription: abolish the income tax

I can already foresee the outrage. “How will we pay for our programs?!” “The US government can’t run without it!” As Ron Paul has pointed out, the income tax could be completely abolished and would still be able to fund the outrageously large government of the late 1990’s. This is America. There is no need for such a steeply graduated income tax. After all, this was what Marx advocated for. Do we really want that?

Here’s some food for thought: remember how horrified you were in your 3rd grade history class when you learned that the people of Ancient Egypt were forced to work for part of the year building a pyramid? Does it terrify you that many people spend 4 months of the year as slaves to the Federal Government?

Unfortunately for the abolitionists, slavery is still very much alive and well.

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