End the Infighting

At the start of 2012, I was working on the Ron Paul campaign. It was great because it was the first time I was around other like-minded individuals in a big group. Beforehand I had my handful of friends who had similar ideas, but being on the campaign was an extremely enlightening period for me where I was exposed to many new ideas and philosophies. ‘

But I was also exposed to an ugly side of the liberty movement: infighting. Campaigners vs. sign-wavers; minarchists vs. anarchists; cosmotarians vs. paleo-conservatives — infighting over philosophy and technique abounds.

Ron Paul was fantastic for liberty because he could break those barriers down and build a coalition of all kinds of people, and I think it is vital that we never forget that. The way I see it; everyone is at least a tad libertarian and we will need everyone we can get to join the fight for freedom. The enemies of liberty are numerous; the statists are many; and our society is fostering a culture of dependency. I say it is time we buried the hatchet.

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