End the Slaughter

With no clear  or definitive goal (unless you consider fighting a war a goal in itself), sinking support, and little success, if any, to show, the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan still rage on. And at what cost? As the result of America’s imperialistic, neo-con driven, foreign policy, “our boys” that we so “passionately” care about are still getting blasted to shreds and filled with lead. All, of course, in the name of fighting terror. What the top guys don’t want you to know is that “fighting terror” means nation building, supporting a corrupt government and overseeing a corrupt election, and “spreading democracy.” Now there’s a crock if I’ve ever heard one.

So Mr. McCain and all those other neo-cons who give the right a terrible name:  Do you think our soldiers want victory, even if it means staying there a hundred years and being slaughtered? Or do you think they’d rather see their wife and children again?

If you want to see the real cost of the wars, read here.

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