End the “War on Terror”

Phillip Giraldi, former CIA counter-terrorism specialist, military intelligence officer, and writer for publications such as The American Conservative and AntiWar.com has an excellent piece courtesy of the Campaign for Liberty. Giraldi pushes for the new administration to end the fictional “War on Terror.”

An excerpt:

The war on terror has been a fiction since the phrase was first articulated by President George W. Bush nine days after 9/11. It was subsequently used to empower the authorities and legitimize the dismantling of the constitution’s protections through the various renditions of the Patriot and Military Commissions Acts. The need to “protect America” became the fixture around which the creation of a unitary and unaccountable executive power took place. From the beginning, critics noted that terror has no geographic location, that it is a tactic used by militants who themselves come from many different backgrounds, have various objectives, and who have greater or lesser ability to threaten the United States. Terrorism is not a unified movement backed by a powerful economy like Nazism or communism and, even if every group that employs terror were to somehow unite, they could not threaten to overthrow the legitimate government of any country in the world. Terrorists in the Philippines have little or nothing to do with their counterparts in Iraq beyond a vague philosophical affinity and both can be defeated when local people rise up and say enough, not through the efforts of imperial Washington. Indeed, Washington has more often than not been a negative force with its calls for pre-emptive war, its hidden prisons and torture, all of which has emboldened terrorists groups and motivated new recruits to join their ranks.

Giraldi is not naive enough to actually believe that Obama will follow his advice, especially considering the forthcoming escalation in Afghanistan. But he does effectively expose the “GWOT” as simply another engine of big government. Enjoy.

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