Engaging Event: Let’s Have Fun with Guns

Every YAL chapter experiences fluctuations in enthusiasm, and YAL @ UCLA is no exception. To revitalize interest, we’ve found that “Fun with Guns” events at the local shooting range are a huge excitement boost! This event is a great way to re-involve inactive members and build friendships among your team.

Shooting Range Enthusiasm 2

Before this event was even over, I had many YAL members asking me, “So when are we doing the next one?” I would say that this event is really catches people’s attention because it’s a good change of pace from speaker and tabling events. And, this is a great opportunity to connect with other gun-friendly groups on campus, like the College Republicans or Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Plan to host your own “Let’s Have Fun with Guns” event today!

Shooting Range 2

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