ERAU YAL Constitution Day 2017 Recruiting

In honor of Constitution Day 2017, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University held a Q&A panel on the preceding Friday with a panel of four law experts: a pair of judges as well as two criminal defense attorneys. During this annual event at the university, the main focus was to answer the attending crowd’s queries relating to the constitution and the limitations and protections enumerated within. Like the previous year, the ERAU YAL chapter attended in order to spread awareness of YAL and its core philosophies.

 YAL Chapter Officers

Chapter president Amador Salinas and myself (Vice-President) attended the event, brandishing pocket constitutions, a sign-up sheet, and clad in YAL livery. Getting there early and staying well after the main event was over, we were able to introduce ourselves to all the attendees. We distributed the constitutions to every viewer, and bolstered the already lengthy list of possible prospective members of our chapter. With a significantly larger crowd than last year, our visit can be called more than a success. The two of us managed to hand out over 100 constitutions, and more than doubled the pool of YAL interested students, from 17 to 36.

Pocket Constitutions

Engaging in conversation with many fellow students on the concept that the constitution simply puts into writing the fundamental rights of the individual was a high point. We discussed the tenets of small government and the role of the free market in a truly free society. We were amazed by the number of individuals who were excited to discuss liberty-oriented topics, and were greatly entertained by some of the tangential discussions on diverse subjects like Bitcoin and Blockchain! Before the event started, we had one-on-one time to discuss our own questions with the judges and attorneys themselves. After the event began, the panelists were even armed with our YAL-supplied constitutions during the open-floor dialogue. This event can be looked upon as a catalyst for a future with a much larger YAL impact on our campus.

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