ERAU YAL Constitution Day Recruiting

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University held its annual Constitution Day lecture last month, providing an opportune moment to recruit members for our Young Americans for Liberty chapter. The topic of discussion for the day would be the constitutional role of the judiciary over time. We figured there were bound to be more than a few liberty-minded folks in the crowd.

The event drew a smaller crowd than years past; however, this did not deter us. Wearing YAL shirts, armed with clipboards and pens, and pro-liberty materials, we began to canvas the audience before the presentation kicked off. We asked people if they like liberty, a solid no-brainer and easy in for discussion. Some had questions about libertarianism at large and others were eager to take the political quiz. In a couple of the conversations we had, we found people who didn’t know they were libertarian until we told them! Our chapter’s two-person team, Amador Salinas and Liam Gunter, distributed pocket constitutions, YAL flyers, and political quizzes to attendees, in the end collecting 17 prospective members’ contact information.

Our efforts were a success, gaining exposure for the cause to the campus. Liam and I gained useful experience we plan to use in future recruiting and activism events. Ultimately we will need to build up our officer corps if we wish to have a larger impact on campus.


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