Etown YAL: Constitution Week at the Gun Range

For Constitution Week 2014 Elizabethtown College Young Americans for Liberty “took liberals to the gun range!”

We focused on coalition building and sought out students who may agree with us on the Second Amendment and not much else. Conversely, we also encouraged students who do not agree with us on the Second Amendment to come see why guns aren’t so bad. In the end, we saw a number of new faces at the event and built some long-term bridges on campus.


Our event consisted of a trip to our local shooting range, Trop Gun Shop, where we attended Trop’s free Firearm Familiarization course. We learned the facts on guns and gun safety, then proceeded to some time on the range. Thanks to the generosity of Trop and YAL National, students were able to shoot for merely the cost of their own ammo.


Check out an interview with a first-time shooter:

Following our event, we tabled at our school’s Constitution Day event to disseminate the knowledge we acquired. We passed out Constitutions to all of the attendees and included a short fact sheet on guns and the Second Amendment. We received some newfound interest and sign-ups, and we even secured an article about our event in the school paper.

Tabling Group

Guns Handout

The event went better than we could have imagined. Everyone had a great time exercising their rights and learning how to protect themselves. Trop Gun Shop will definitely see us back soon!

Scroll down for more pictures from our event:

Shooting 2
Etown YAL would like to thank Trop Gun Shop and YAL National for their generosity!
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