Even Lawyers Agree

20 years ago our former Attorney General Janet Reno as a prosecutor in Miami instituted the first Drug Court to specifically deal with drug offences in an attempt offer a treatment option for addicts facing drug charges. Of course to recieve treatment you had to plead guilty to the offense there by attaching to your record a conviction for drug crime. Now as even those courts have become clogged and have made virtually no impact on drug use rates many have begun calling for reforms.

Now in a report from the National Association of Criminal Defense Attorneys they are calling for a new look at the way current drug crimes are handled in America. Above all they urge that drug addiction be treated not as a crime but as a public health issue, where treatment and counciling are the answer instead of punishment. Not surprisingly they also the suggest,

Opening a serious national discussion on decriminalizing low-level drug use.

Now you can add lawyers to the list of professions that have called for such reforms, joining doctors, nurses, judges, social workers, politcians, academics and economists. To find out more about this recent report please visit here.

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