Even without guns, we’d have more murders than Europe

According to the United Nations data on guns and homicides, the U.S. has a 3.2 homicide by firearm per 100,000 people rate.  That same data says that we have a 4.8 homicide per 100,000 rate for all methods of murder combined.  That means that, without counting all of the gun related murders, we would still have a homicide per 100,000 rate of 1.6.

1.6% (only non-gun murders in the U.S.) is higher than the homicide rates (with and without guns) in the United Kingdom, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Switzerland (which has a much higher gun ownership rate).

Guns aren’t the problem in the U.S. and gun control isn’t what is making these European countries have lower murder rates. Something else is the problem and focusing on guns is only distracting us from finding real solutions.

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