EWU promotes Free Speech

The YAL chapter at Eastern Washington University prepared for our free speech battle on campus by doing a free speech ball event a couple of days before the “Can We Take A Joke?” premiere. We got about 500 signatures on the ball itself and 30 sign ups on our petition. Students were really excited to come and share their thoughts on the ball. 
After the free speech ball event we were preparing the CWTAJ campus screening event. Our room was reserved and ready to go. We talked to our classes, handed out movie flyers and so on. We even promoted the movie on the popular college chat app “Yik Yak.” We got word of potential protesters angry about our cause. Come time for the movie premiere and we were sitting in the room alone with the writer from our school newspaper.
can we take a joke table
No one was showing up, not even the protesters, but sure enough there was a very long thread of students arguing about the movie on Yik Yak. In the following week our school diversity groups are going in full force about how they are being misrepresented and offended by students on campus. Maybe we created a wave on campus, even though things didn’t go as planned.
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