Excellent Recruitment Tool: Operation Politically Homeless

The entire OPH kit is free for YAL Chapters, provided you agree to do the event at least 3 times a year and email them pics/vids of the events.

This is a really fun event, and it’s completely non-confrontational. My YAL chapter set up a poster-sized chart next to the table, people come up and answer 5 questions regarding social issues and 5 questions regarding economic issues. Then the scores are tabulated in an X-Y coordinate fashion, and a small round sticker is placed on the chart indicating which catagory the person’s answers have placed them in. The catagories are libertarian, liberal, conservative, centrist, and statist.

After we put the dot on the chart, we simply ask, “Is that where you thought you’d be?” You’ll get different answers.

If the person scores in the “Libertarian” or anywhere near the top area, we ask if they would be interested in receiving any more information, and if so, they fill out the back of the quiz with their contact info, and we give them a flyer or a YAR (We have the best acronyms!).

It’s that simple. The table we use is uncluttered, devoid of any literature that might turn folks away. This is called “The Spartan” set-up, and I think it works well in maintaining an objective, non-biased appearance.  I just received our YAL Banner in the mail today, so we will add that to the setup when hosting this event next week.

Thus the event is really just a fun, light-hearted recruitment event designed to open people’s minds to the fact that there is more to politics than the “left/right” propaganda we’ve been taught from the federal gov’t, and most importantly, to identify liberty-minded new members.


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