Executing Scott Panetti: An Abuse of Power in Texas

Whenever a state has the power to execute, there is the potential for it to abuse this power. An abuse of this power is currently on display in Texas, which is trying to execute a man with severe mental illness.

Texas has scheduled an execution date of December 3 for Scott Panetti, who was convicted of murdering his wife’s parents in 1992. Panetti suffers from paranoid schizophrenia. Prior to the murders of which he was convicted, Panetti was hospitalized over a dozen times for mental illness.

His trial left little doubt about the severe nature of his mental illness. Panetti represented himself, dressed up in a cowboy suit, and tried to subpoena Jesus Christ, John F. Kennedy, and the Pope.

The state has no justification executing someone with severe mental illness. Doing so would not make Texas safer but would rather be a dangerous abuse of power.

Dr. Ron Paul and others are calling on Texas to stop this execution. Regarding the case, Dr. Paul writes, “The circumstances of this case present a situation where execution does not serve the state of Texas.”

I encourage you to visit http://texasdefender.org/scott-panetti/ to learn more about the case and to sign this petition to stop Panetti’s execution.

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