Exposing the War on Youth at CSU-Chico

Talking to students

Educating our peers about our country’s burgeoning national debt has often been an uphill battle, but at our chapter’s “War on Youth” event last week, we were finally able to make some progress. Over the course of the day, members of our chapter engaged students on campus with games of “Debt Pong” and questions about our country’s current fiscal predicament. We were able to have several particularly fruitful discussions and even had a handful of new students sign up on our mailing list!

Debt Pong in action!

The large banner and debt pong game attracted significant attention and has undoubtedly increased our brand awareness on campus. Over the course of the day, several hundred students saw our message and were hopefully reminded that our generation is going to have to find solutions to the problems created by our current political and economic system. As Einstein so aptly put it, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” We believe our message of liberty has at least some of the answers and our mission is to continue to spread that message here in Chico.

Thanks to everyone that came out to help and for a great semester!

The banner

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