Fall ’15 at Boise State

The Boise State Young Americans for Liberty Chapter nailed the 2015 freshmen involvement fair. We talked to and gathered contact information from well over 100 students. It took the following three days to follow up with everyone we spoke with at the involvement fair, but with a great turnout to our first meeting it was well worth the effort.

Recruiting Event

We found the political quiz to be a great attention getter, pulling in many students who weren’t interested in participating in the club. Many students didn’t align with the political candidates they initially anticipated. Before having each student take the political quiz we asked them to guess where on the chart they would land. After taking the quiz many students were significantly more aligned with libertarian principles than they initially imagined.

We realized, through the political quiz, in general students are Republican or Democrat, but in particular students are libertarian. Meaning when asked what political party they affiliate with, or most agree with, students will reply with a confident “Republicans” or “Democrats” answer, but when asked their opinion on specific issues, students generally align with libertarian principles. They don’t want government regulating marriage, they don’t want government regulating marijuana, they don’t want gun control, they don’t want to be involved in every international conflict. But neither Democrats or Republicans offer a party platform siding with liberty on all of these issues.

Not every student we speak with on campus will join our chapter, but it’s important we don’t lose sight of our mission on campus. We’re not at the recruiting event to have the largest campus organization, we’re here to change the way people think. We worked hard not to alienate members of any political affiliation during the recruiting event which resulted in both Democrats and Republicans in attendance at our first chapter meeting.

We had 24 attendees at our first meeting, this number has been condensed to 14 committed members over the course of the semester and a few extra students that will occasionally attend meetings. We have 8 members who have been meeting to practice their handgun skills as several of us will be applying for enhanced carry permits before the end of this year. (Idaho recently passed legislation allowing students with enhanced carry permits to carry on campus).

Our members are already looking forward to CPAC, Freedom Fest, and YALCon this coming year. With assistance from the Leadership Institute we have already begun fundraising for these upcoming events.

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