Fall 2013: A Brief Review of California Events & A Showing for the West

After almost over a half-year hiatus,  I (Richard Pham, California State Chair) am back again, reporting in to showcase some of YAL’s efforts in the West Coast for the Summer/Fall Season of 2013 — to show what happened besides the National Convention in Arlington, VA on the East Coast and other events in other regions.
Anyway! Let’s get started on this journey to the past shall we?!

FreedomFest 2013 — July

We first begin in July with our strong and effective booth at FreedomFest 2013 in hot, fun, and lovely Las Vegas, Nevada, for a gathering of free market and freedom/liberty groups, speakers, activists, and more than a thousand participants

Speakers included Congressman Justin Amash, Senator Rand Paul, John Stossel, Steve Forbes, Kennedy (Reason Magazine), and many others, where YAL’s very own Jeff Frazee helped build further relations and establish grounding with groups, keynote speakers, and other key people for the growth and future of the movement in the West Coast. Here we IDENTIFIED and EDUCATED some now rising great youth activists as the breakout sessions rolled-in. 

Chapter Expansions in the West and Nationwide — July-Present

Claremont Recruit
(Pictured is the Claremont McKenna chapter president, Louis-Victor, recruiting with me, taking the picture, for one of the many expansion efforts)

claremont recruit 2

Many chapters grew out of this effort in our growth blitz, and YAL topped 500 chapters before the end of the semester! We here at YAL would like to thank you donors for making this possible; with your support we can continue to IDENTIFY the youth activists to grow leaders like me are who here to help the expansion effort.


California Republican Party Fall Convention of 2013 — October

Here at the California Republican Party Convention held in Anaheim (home of Disneyland), YAL made a strong presence for liberty among participants, delegates, leaders, and speakers. Here many youth activists and leaders were MOBILIZED.

California GOP Con

YAL did NOT participate in any electoral politics for candidates running for office or any measures/propositions/bills; instead we showcased the fastest-growing and largest conservative and libertarian organization to identify, educate, train, and mobilize youth activists to win on principle

CA GOP Con 2
There was a strong showing of support for our booth, where the future of California and the West can still be revived despite foes of liberty like speakers such as Karl Rove in attendance, who drew unpopular but healthy criticism.

CA GOP Con 4
Other key-note speakers included Governor Rick Perry and House Majority Whip, Congressman Kevin McCarthy of California.

CA GOP Con 3
Regardless of who attended, the strong support we received demonstrates so much potential left untapped as attendees were dissatisfied with Karl Rove as many rushed to our booth after his speech. 

Leadership Institute’s Youth Leadership School Training — October

But what good are those youth activists now that we identified them and educated them without TRAINING them? In fact, you owe it to your principles and philosophy on learning how to be effective and win in the short-term and long-term.

Here, in Valencia, CA, (just 30 miles from Los Angeles), the Leadership Institute hosted the largest Youth Leadership School in the Western Region! Just think of the potential they can all achieve with this TRAINING!

I even managed a carpool with my own chapter at UC Irvine, dropped them off, drove back to UCLA’s chapter to arrange rides, and drove further down 70 miles east to Claremont McKenna to arrange rides for the new sprung chapter. All of this, just to equip student activists with the proper training needed to win on principle — even taking the Youth Leadership School twice! Talk about the commitment of a 3 AM type! 

Students for Liberty Southern California Conference — November

Finishing off 2013, our partner organization, Students for Liberty, hosted their regional conference. We highly encouraged YAL chapters to attend to be EDUCATED on what a more liberty-oriented society and network would be like or should ought to be like from a variety of speakers.

sfl 1

(Former Western Regional Director of YAL, now staff for the Leadership Institute, identifies new leaders for the movement)

At the SFL conference, YAL tabled to identify more potential youth activists. Check out our stunning display courtesy of the UC Irvine Chapter, me, and former Western Regional Director Adam Weinberg.

SFL 2 
Chapters were also encouraged to MOBILIZE their members to attend as well, as the UC Irvine chapter had done so to enjoy the Saturday and evening. 

SFL 5 
I spoke on a panel to discuss the effectiveness of YAL’s resources, recruitment techniques, and overall effectiveness of YAL National with a dedicated full-time paid staff to help grow liberty along with other chapter presidents and partner organizations like SFL.

With all that said, can you even imagine the potential of YAL and with the help of our dedicated activists and partner organizations? Here, alone in California, YAL Chapters helped MOBILIZE more than 3/4 of the conference attendees to have a turnout of over 200 students to be EDUCATED. 


The Future of the Western Region — December-Present

With this year’s YAL State Conventions quickly coming our way, can we bring out more than we did last time? In 2013, California brought out 241 youth activists for top-notch programming, training, and more.

With the 2014 California State Convention coming in April, can we IDENTIFY, EDUCATE, TRAIN, and MOBILIZE over more than 300 Youth Activist Spartans, and perhaps many more, to fight at Thermopylae for LIBERTY? Will you help sponsor and donate to make this possible and to help build, energize, and mobilize these youth activists for the midterm and presidential elections? 

Only you can make it happen, so let’s make it so!

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