Fall 2017 Recruitment at Youngstown State

On Wednesday, October 25th YAL Youngstown State conducted our first recruiting of the semester and raised awareness for the 4th Amendment. With the help of our State Chair, we were able to converse with students about their privacy rights and other rights protected by the Constitution.

Many students we talked to had no idea that the Patriot Act and USA Freedom Act gave the government the ability to violate their 4th Amendment rights on their cell phones, while traveling through airports, and their internet use. I was surprised how many students didn’t care at all! Many said they had nothing to hide from the government, or even volunteered to give the government their information!

It was a great experience getting out at my college and engaging with students 1-on-1 about their rights. Even though you would expect most students to be very unreceptive to the message of liberty and the Constitution on college campuses, a surprising number of them were very sympathetic to our message on all sides of the spectrum. We gathered enough signups to form a group large enough to establish the organization at our school. I am going to hold a meeting ASAP to have our members sign up for the officer positions needed to form our chapter!

I think liberty will be very popular in Youngstown this year!

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