Fall 2017 Recruitment Drive at Community College of Philadelphia

On September 29th, the YAL chapter at Community College of Philadelphia hosted a recruitment drive. Usually recruitment drives at this campus can be rather difficult due to the fact that many students on this campus are always on the move. Being situated at a community college usually means people are only there for class and are in a hurry to leave to continue with their daily lives. This day however was completely different from the average drives.

A group of freshman students were wandering around campus waiting for their next class to start. I approached them and ask questions related to their views on politics, and they quickly said “they do not follow/ not interested in politics”. Knowing that wasn’t a real answer, I then asked them about their opinions on the current Presidential administration. This question opened dialogue that eventually lead into an hour conversation. We spoke about national interventionism, the IRS and taxes, race relations, and the War on Drugs.

By the end of our discussion, they enthusiastically took pocket constitutions and signed their names on the sign-up sheet. To me, the most important virtue of this recruitment drive was that everyone who signed were women of color. This is helping my goal to introduce, and include more minorities into the Liberty Movement. Community College of Philadelphia YAL is now starting to be known.

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