Fall Kick Meeting at Capital University

On Wednesday night, YAL at Cap had its inaugural meeting.  After successful recruitment efforts over the last week we had a great turnout. All officers were given different sections of the presentation, which we adapted from the “Intro to YAL” powerpoint provided from the YAL website. The power point did a fantastic job on giving the background info of our organization and left a lot of room for personalization. One of the most important features we were able to utilize was the collection of short Learn Liberty videos discussing the philosophical background of liberty. 

 A big gain that came from the meeting was the gauging of interest for different activism events.  With the help of everyone present we were able to figure out the different issues we want to highlight this coming year on campus. The discussion slides at the end were essential in that part of the process. The meeting is definitely the start of something big here at Capital.         


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