Fall Recruiting at Alderson Broaddus University

Alderson Broaddus University’s YAL Chapter held its first recruiting event of the Fall 2017 semester yesterday.

Alderson Broaddus is a small, diverse campus in rural West Virginia. We tabled as part of the school’s Student Organization Fair. Using the materials received for recruiting this Fall and some leftovers from last Spring, we set our table up in an attractive fashion and sought to engage with new students as well as returning students with whom we had yet to engage. Overall, student traffic through the event was very light, compared to years past. This is partially due to free food being set up on the other end of the event area and a smaller incoming class. Despite the underwhelming turnout, we managed to speak with a number of students and adults in the area, and we received a handful of signatures. This was an important event for our chapter because we had a large percentage of our members either graduate or transfer after last year, so we needed commitment from incoming students in order to maintain the minimum number of members required for recognized organization status from the school.

I am pleased to report that we have easily cleared this obstacle, and we have planted the seed of liberty in the minds of many other individuals, and we hope to sow them with our future activism events. This is the only organization on our campus that deals with political philosophy, and we are dealing with a very apathetic group of students. We hope that we can mobilize the sector of students that is traditionally docile on our campus throughout this year in order to build a campus filled with political and intellectual discussion.

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