Fall Recruiting At Humboldt State

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We had a great first semester as a club on the Humboldt State University campus. We tabled almost every week on the quad, even if the weather wasn’t the greatest, and sparked students interest in politics and had many intellectual discussions with students and faculty members about the principles of liberty, even if they didn’t agree with us.

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One thing that surprised me was the demand from students from all political ideologies for constitutions and to know their basic rights in America. My favorite moments on campus were connecting with others at Humboldt State that were part of the liberty movement, but didn’t have anywhere to go until they found the Young Americans for Liberty.

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We plan to continue on the path of generating interest on campus next semester by doing weekly tabling, activism events, and movie nights. I have a good feeling there’s going to be a political surge on campus next semester since the presidential election will be coming up very soon. It will be a prime opportunity to draw new students to the liberty movement, and our actions as a chapter will only become stronger as our numbers increase. I personally can’t wait, because how ever things go in the political sphere, I know our chapter will be having a lot of fun engaging and informing our fellow students on the principles of freedom. 

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