Fall Recruitment, Activism, and Bonding at Salem College

Salem College Young Americans for Liberty has had one of the busiest semesters since our creation!


We first started out by tabling at the school’s club fair in the beginning of the semester. This event mainly introduces first-years to the clubs and organizations, but we were also able to get the attention of multiple upperclassmen. We set up the Operation Politically Homeless Quiz and hand out a ton of resources and candy. We were also able to hand out bookmarks for our first meeting and a calendar for the month of September, which helped us promote our first meeting.


Our first meeting went over pretty well. Because we are a small school, it is hard to get a lot of consistent attendees. We were able to talk to around 10 women about what libertarianism is and how they can be more involved on and off campus with libertarianism. We were also able to get a few people to sign up to attend the Students for Liberty Regional Conference that we held on November 1st.


A few weeks after that meeting we got everyone together to help promote Constitution Week. We had our members hang up fliers for the three events we were helping out with. The first event we held was the free speech ball. Getting the ball blown up was the hardest part about the whole process.

In the past we were unable to have any free speech events on campus because of administrative push back, but we had no issue this year. Students were a little hesitant at first, but everyone ended up writing something. We had resident coordinators, professors, and a baby sign our ball. We even had admissions post about us on Facebook and twitter, which was awesome!

Tabling for Free Speech

On Wednesday we tabled during lunch and had a mini quiz about the Constitution. We were able to get another group on campus to help table with us and provide the prize for the quiz takers. We also advertised the SFL Carolina Conference and passed out fliers on what libertarianism is.

The final event for the week was the Constitution Panel that we put on with the History and Political Science Departments at Salem. The topic that the speakers all decided to speak on was the 5th amendment and eminent domain. Afterwards, we offered a pizza social that initiated conversation between the professors and the attendees. We had a total of 200 constitutions passed out during the week.

After Constitution week, we were able to bring a few girls to UNC to see Belle Knox speak. The three hours of driving was worth it in the end.

Belle Knox @ UNC

Since Constitution week, our YAL chapter has been helping Shannon Salzman, the conference director for the SFL Carolina Regional Conference, out with advertisement and final preparations for the conference. The whole group had a blast and preparation for the conference ended up being a great way to bond with the fellow members! Since the conference we feel connected with our fellow YAL chapters in the area and are looking forward to working with them for the rest of the semester!

Salem YAL with SFL Carolina RC attendees

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