Fall Recruitment and Constitution week at DePauw University

YAL has been steadily growing this Fall at DePauw University, primarily because of our first recruiting event!

As part of DePauw University’s Ubben Lecture Series, none other than Dr. Ron Paul himself was invited to speak to the DePauw student body. Of course, our chapter seized the opportunity to help recruit and grow the chapter on campus. A small group of executive members tabled before a lecture from Dr. Ron Paul himself on our campus! YAL members and DePauw students alike were very excited about the event.

Some of the Indiana YAL members came to the event and even helped with tabling!

Our first table!

Before the event, Dr. Paul spoke at a student forum which I was able to attend. Here are a couple photos:

Dr. Paul speaks at a student forum


Of course, the event had an excellent turnout. Dr. Paul can still pack the house! The nearby YAL chapter at the University of Illinois-Urbana Champaign came down, as did the IUPUI chapter in Indianapolis. IUPUI even helped us out by taking pictures of the event! Here are a few:

Speech 3

Speech 1

Speech 2

A few weeks after Dr. Paul came to speak, we took part in Constitution Week. To celebrate, our chapter with the help of Young Republicans and Young Democrats, participated in a “Pizza and Politics”, a forum between students and professors that highlighted key government issues. The focal point of this meeting was Syria.

Of course, while there we managed to hand out a lot of the YAL constitutions and got some sign ups. Overall, it was pretty successful since we’re a new and growing chapter! Plus, it was a lot of fun!

Our chapter was even briefly mentioned in the campus paper’s coverage of the event.

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