Fall Recruitment and Constitution Week at Texas A&M

Things have been pretty busy at Texas A&M. For our fall activism project, we tabled at the Memorial Student Center (MSC) Open House, which provided an opportunity for our organization to table in a very high traffic area. We got a total of 56 new sign-ups, gave away 50 pocket Constitutions, and hundreds of flyers. Additionally, we made a point of making sure as many people had heard of Young Americans for Liberty as possible by having members stand and hold up our banner in locations were anyone walking by would see it and by walking around the MSC complex handing out flyers.

Our follow up meeting to the Fall Recruitment Drive was very successful. About 15 new people showed up to this meeting and several expressed very strong interest in being officers and taking an active role in our chapter. Overall, our recruitment drive was a big success.

Free Speech Wall

For Constitution Week, we decided to build a Free Speech Wall to raise awareness for the First Amendment. Given Texas A&M’s policies on reserving tabling space, we had to delay this event until Friday of the week after the official Constitution Week. However, this project was more effective at generating interest in our chapter than any project we had done in the past! Several people, including our new Webmaster, have, on their own initiative, contacted our organization wanting to join.

Additionally, our wall was featured on the front page of the school newspaper, The Battalion.

Quotes from two of our members were prominently featured in this article. So, not only did we generate interest among the hundreds of people who wrote on our Free Speech Wall, but we also gained name recognition among students who read the school newspaper.

These past two months have seen more activity for our chapter than at any other time. The message of liberty is spreading like wildfire. In Aggieland, it just might become an inferno!

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