Fall Recruitment Drive and Welcome Meeting

On August 24th Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Utah participated in a tabling event during “Plazafest” to attract new members to its chapter. This events serves as the official recruitment event for student organizations on campus. Many hands were involved in spreading the word about activism opportunities and liberty on campus. Over the course of the event we were able to talk with a large number of students at the University of Utah and obtained over one hundred new sign ups.

Then on August 31st our chapter held a welcome meeting for its new sign ups. Out of the large number of sign ups about fifteen people were able to attend our welcome meeting where we gave a powerpoint presentation explaining what YAL is all about. We gave out specifics on the ideas of liberty, why it is important, and things we are doing here on campus to help the movement. The crowd was involved and had several questions for us during and after the presentation. We were able to find out topics that were important to them, such as the environment, and provide clarity on the libertarian perspective on these topics. We here at the University of Utah YAL chapter are thankful for a successful start to the school year and look forward to high numbers of participants at our events throughout the year.


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