Fall Recruitment Drive at College of Wooster

Back in early September of this semester, our chapter hosted a recruitment drive at the annual organization fair with the help of an activism kit sent from YAL headquarters. The weather was starting to cool down but our table was a hot place to be! There was lots of excitement over the revitalization of our chapter and events we planned for the semester. Many students were curious about our message and approached us cautiously but for the most part were courteous and willing to listen. I was very proud of my fellow members who showed self-control and were able to disengage with combative students and understand the goal of our drive. It’s easy to get distracted from the purpose of recruitment when you engage in debates in a public space, I think we were able to successfully avoid that pitfall and managed to get over 50 signups in a school of roughly 2,000 students. We look forward to kicking off next semester with a bang and plan to reach out to a few surrounding chapters to organize a collaborative recruitment effort.

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