Fall Semester 2015

The first semester of the 2015-2016 school year has been something for the record books at our chapter! Starting the semester off with over one hundred sign ups at a tabling event has definitely paved the way to bigger and better events here at UPenn.

Unfortunately, we have not had many activism events on campus to get more people involved, but we are planning many more events to do this upcoming Spring Semester. Our chapter was graciously given a package full of pocket constitutions to hand out as our first event. We are also looking forward to possibly doing another YAL sponsored event later in the year. As President, I have talked to many people who have not only showed interest, but great pride in the libertarian movement. We have seen what these students have thought up and are excited for the original events these involved students have conjured up.

I will update with further details on what we end up doing with pictures for other chapters to get inspiration from! Feel free to reach out with any ideas or questions. As the end of the University of Pennsylvania’s first blog post, I wish you all luck on your upcoming semester/quarter!

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