Fall Semester 2017 Recruitment Drive!

            On September 15th, American University’s YAL chapter made one of its greatest showings ever at the American University Fall Semester Involvement Fair! Amongst the rows of tables, YAL spared no expense to make its mark on campus life. With determination to impress and a passion for liberty, our club was able to get 103 sign ups!  Throughout the campus grounds, dozens of clubs put tables down and sign-up sheets out in the hopes to meet new freshmen and get them signed up. Our DC state Chair Annamarie Rienzi, AU chapter President Matthew Adams, chapter Vice President Sam Romano, and Outreach Director Paige Lambermont, braced the noon heat for several hours as they eagerly met new students.

Annamarie Rienzi with a Gadsden flag

            Our YAL chapter has made it a tradition to fill our table to the brim with everything from the YAL banner, pocket constitutions to handout, and even a cut-out of Ron Paul. This time, our chapter decided to add an additional hook for any student who wanted to sign up; we created a raffle for anyone who signed up to potentially win a free $25 gift card to Chick-fil-a!

Gathering Signatures!

            With such a fantastic showing, we now have over 100 new names that now know of our group and know there is a group on campus that cares for liberty and individual freedom! As we reached out to new students, and reacquainted with familiar faces, we made sure to inform and invite them to our first event for the semester later that day. These students were invited to hear YAL National President Cliff Maloney Jr. speak to our campus that evening!

AU YAL E-Board at Table

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