ABC News reported on Thursday:

Using sophisticated digital enhancement techniques, the FBI today published “aged progressed” mug shots of Osama bin Laden and 17 other top terrorists wanted by the U.S.

The Drudge Report displayed this image on its front page and linked to the ABC News report.

Bin Laden Fake

Today, we find out the “sophisticated digital enhancement” used by the FBI is a fraud and a poor attempt at Photoshop.  Surprise!

“The FBI used a photograph of a Spanish lawmaker as part of a digitally enhanced Osama bin Laden wanted poster,” reports CNN.  [Spanish lawmaker, Gaspar Llamazares, pictured on the right]

As expected, a U.S. Embassy spokesperson said, “That was not normal procedure. It was completely unintentional and the FBI is looking into it to prevent it from happening again.”  He goes on to say, the error occurred when an FBI “technician who put together the digitally enhanced image found an image (of hairline and wrinkles) that suited his purposes, and used it.”

Pure propaganda. How many times does government have to apologize and promise never to make mistakes again before we lose all belief in government?

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