FDR Rated Best President in Survey of 238 Scholars

Reports the AP:

Franklin Delano Roosevelt is being ranked the top president in U.S. history by 238 scholars surveyed by Siena College.

Roosevelt has topped each of the five presidential scholar surveys conducted by the Albany, N.Y.-area college since 1982. Theodore Roosevelt came in at No. 2 in the survey released Thursday, followed by Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson.

Now look at this picture of the “Big Three” at Yalta and tell me what all three (FDR among them) had in common. They all trampled on the liberties of their respective nations; they all sought unlimited executive power; they all three comitted war crimes and deliberately targeted civilians in what can only be described as acts of terror; and they were all hypocrites hell-bent on fighting tyranny in Germany while exercising it at home.

The only person missing from the picture is Mr. Hitler himself.  Then the 20th century’s legacy of endless war and totalitarian government could be perfectly captured in a single moment, at a meeting of all its major perpetrators. If there was any difference at all between the four of them, it was a difference of degree only, not of kind.

And that is the kind of man 238 of our nation’s “scholars” lionize as our greatest president? This is why our nation finds itself in a headlong spiral on the road to serfdom. I could not be more appalled.

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