FDU Ron Swanson Hurricane Sandy Relief Bake Sale

Hurricane Sandy Bake-Sale

The FDU Young Americas for Liberty held a Ron Swanson-themed bake sale on December 7th, 2012. The bake sale featured homemade red-velvet cupcakes, cookies, as well as cinnamon rolls, chocolate covered pretzels, and candy.

YAL members, including a FairTax advocate, volunteered to collect donations for Hurricane Sandy relief efforts. Many students and faculty members were eager to help those in need, as well as taste some delicious baked goods. Instead of asking specific amounts for each item, we asked passersby to donate as much as they were able to.

In  total, donations reached $100 dollars, and will be used to purchase Home Depot gift cards for Sandy victims. We, the members of FDU’s YAL chapter, are glad to have been a part of the Choose Charity activism project. I hope the victims of Sandy find peace and comfort this Holiday season, and that our donations can make a difference in brightening someone’s day.

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