February Activism @ the University of Central Florida

February is not only the month of love, but also the month of marijuana legalization awareness. 

UCF Student and Game

Young Americans for Liberty at UCF’s monthly activism project was to help people become more aware of the the harm marijuana prohibition has caused millions of innocent individuals. Our chapter came together to create a fun and interactive Marijuana Jeopardy game that educated the UCF community about the problems of the drug war.

YAL member and UCF Student Playing the Game

The categories of the game ranged from “Marijuana Myths,” “Marijuana and Health,” and “Marijuana Prohibition.” For each question an individual got right, they got a piece of candy. Although no one answered all the questions correctly, the individuals who played the game had fun learning about marijuana prohibition. The activism was a success, with new sign-ups and new attendees at the meeting that day.

UCF Student and Game

Tabling and Game

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