Fed Alert

Thief-in-chief Obama has announced that he will keep Bernanke as Fed chairman for another term. Unfortunately, this means more devaluing of the dollar and more money printing.

It was also announced that head of the NY AFL-CIO, Denis Hughes, will be the head of the New York Fed. And it’s H.R. 1207 that is going to politicize the Fed? Hughes, also a huge supporter of Obama, was conveniently picked to head the Fed. Coincidence? I think not.  I wonder why  Bernanke isn’t making a stink about this blatant politicization?

Also, a judge ruled that the Federal Reserve must make public the financial records of TARP and other similar programs. This did not come without a big fuss from the Fed. But what’s to worry about? I’m sure the Fed always acts with complete honesty and intergrity.

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