Fed bashers: Washington’s odd couple

CNN Money has a new article out on Ron Paul and Bernie Sanders — and their mutual attack on the Fed which comes from very different perspectives, to put it mildly.

Less than 24 months ago mainstream Americans (and many members of Congress) rolled their eyes at such saber rattling. Indeed, the political-media establishment ignored Paul when he jawboned Fed policies during the 2008 Republican primary. But then came the 2008 financial crash, the world turned, and the nation’s central bank lost its aura of invincibility….

Today the audience for the Paul-Sanders view of the Fed is a large and serious one, despite the unconventional political views of the pair — one lawmaker hails from the right of the political spectrum, the other from the left.

This is a thoughtful piece and well worth reading.  It’s longish, yes, but that’s because gives the topic the in-depth treatment it deserves, conluding that people from all parts of the political spectrum will “start listening to people like Sanders and Paul.” Hopefully that conclusion proves true.

Hat tip to the Daily Paul.

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