Fed News Friday: My Ice-Breaker of Choice


“But what do we do after that?”

“Hell yeah!”

I often hear these statements before a “Hello, how are you?” even begins. It’s not everyday you cross paths with a stranger and evoke deep conversation. As I grow older, I try to use every interaction with a stranger in a meaningful way — it could be anything from a smile accompanied by a kind gesture, or, on the other end of “meaningful,” if I express my feelings towards an inconsiderate person’s behavior.

Either way, interactions with strangers can be special and teach you life long lessons. This is why I’ve decided one of the best ways of creating significant conversations is rocking liberty-minded messages on my clothing that gets the conversation going before I even open my mouth to say “hello.”

One of my favorites is my “End the Fed” shirt.Some may find the message overbearing or it may cross their taboo line on talking politics, but the most popular reaction I get leans more towards curiosity. People approach me and break many social norms to ask, “Why do you want to end the Fed?” (I also have to clarify in some of these moments that it’s the Federal Reserve we are talking about, not the federal government). These moments are why I wake up every morning:  helping reveal to someone how our financial system really works.

One of these moments happened to me recently, (continue reading at SilverUnderground.com)…

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