Federal Agents Hunting for Guns One House at a Time

When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty. –Thomas Jefferson

This quote is so applicable in modern America.  Chron.com is reporting that Federal agents are going door to door in Houston looking for citizens’ guns.  The agents argue that they are looking for smuggled weapons, but are they really?

The ATF recently dispatched 100 veteran agents to its Houston division, which reaches to the border.

The mission is especially challenging because, officials say, that while Houston is the number one point of origin for weapons traced back to the United States from Mexico, the government can’t compile databases on gun owners under federal law.

Agents instead review firearms dealers’ records in person.

People who are legally in the United States and have clean criminal records, but are facing economic problems are often recruited by traffickers to buy weapons on their behalf in order to shield themselves from scrutiny.

When Federal agents go door to door in search of guns, we live under tyranny.  This would only be justified if the agents had an individual and specific warrant for every single house.   Mass searches like this suggest that no “probable cause” has been established as is required in the Constitution, and the purchase of an expensive gun is hardly indicative of criminal behavior.   It’s actually indicative of an exercise of our Second Amendment rights.

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