Federal Reserve Skateboard: A Short Story

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke informed the Congress today that the economy is currently undergoing a “severe contraction.”  No…really?  Even financier George Soros has called the current crises a problem worse than the Great Depression, with “no sign that we are anywhere near the bottom.”

Fortunately for us, Bernanke is planning on using every tool available to him to save the world as we know it.  The only problem with that plan, of course, is that we already know how it ends, as hilariously detailed in “Federal Reserve Skateboard” on the xkcd.com blag (yes, blag) a while ago:

Damn these subprime lenders, thought Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, barely keeping his balance on the wobbling skateboard. We can’t afford more debt. He snapped a grappling-hook-tipped quarrel into his crossbow as the skateboard slowed. When the country owes trillions and is asking for more, its shadowy creditors start calling in favors. The crossbow twanged, carrying his climbing rope up the side of the Federal Reserve building.

Read the rest here so you don’t completely despair about the future of the country, and make sure you get to the part about Ron Paul.

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