FedEx Bombs = Pat Downs?

Maybe it’s just me, but is our “security” sector is becoming more and more sexually deviant?

Following Sept 11th, one could make the arguement that more security was needed. So things like knives, box cutters, and scissors were banned from airplane. After the “shoe-bomber” Richard Reid, we could no longer carry a lighter onto a plane, though they graciously gave that back to us. These things, though intrusive, had at least some semblence of sanity when it came protecting our air travel.

Of course, once the government begins something like this, it’s never satisfied, so when the “underwear-bomber” gave us a scare on Christmas we were told to lose what little was left in the way of privacy.

This is when the perversion really took off with the introduction of the fancy “full body x-ray” systems. Now men, women, and even children are having their naked bodies revealed and photographed by the TSA. Don’t worry, though — it’s all in the name of security, right? Again, putting pedophiliac imaging to the side, logically it makes sense that if we see under your clothes, we can prevent this type bombing that other detectors seemed to miss. 

So when packages made with questionable materials show up in FedEx’s airplanes, we would expect to see things like better screening of cargo, and purhaps bomb sniffing dogs at FedEx’s terminals right? Wrong. Now they want to feel you up, and thoroughly. Using this recent attempt at shipping bombs as an excuse, the TSA is going to be mandating that you do one of two options:  Either take the X-Ray or be felt up. So I have to ask:  How does an event involving the mail lead to me being felt up by some bureaucrat?

It seems between the keeping of photos for jollies (and lying about it) and getting their hands in places reserved for those I give permission, the TSA is determined to subject us to humilitation and degredation for whatever flimsy reason it likes. Never mind that none of this has stopped or prevented anything. Perhaps boycotts are what’s next — I know personally I’d rather drive to California from New York than be treated like a dog in a pagent. Of course, for some, boycotts are already the only option.

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