Feeding the Homeless? Got a permit?

Yes, it’s true. If you want to feed the needy, you need a permit and a professional preparer to do so in the city of Houston. A couple’s charity organization, called “Feed a Friend,” was basically shut down when the city randomly decided to enforce a law requiring people who want to feed the homeless to have the food prepared in a “certified kitchen” with a “certified food manager.”

If you recall back in 2007, there was a story similar to this, except it was in Orlando. These laws are enforced in many different major cities.

Apparently it is believed that these ordinances are designed to “help the public” because poor people are the most vulnerable to food borne illness because they have the least access to healthcare. Unfortunately, such concepts are  rooted in pure nanny state nonsense.

To sum up the logic: Yes, apparently the same people who dig through trash and beg for meals care whether or not the fresh home cooked meals prepared by caring individuals are made in a “certified kitchen” under the supervision of a “certified food manager” with a permit through the city. 

This makes me wonder whether or not charities support such laws. 

Controlled charity? What’s next, panhandling permits?

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