FGCU YAL check in

This semester, a YAL chapter was started at Florida Gulf Coast University. We have a politically knowledgeable board and are excited to see what impact we can have on campus.

We table for YAL about once a week. It’s been on Wednesdays lately from 1-4 and we utilize the resources given in the Recruitment drive kit. We haven’t had a speaker yet other than Deep Web which was hosted by our SFL group on campus. We did have a small forum discussion a couple weeks ago about the first amendment and how campuses are turning into almost a thought police state with all the political correctness and how it’s dangerous for education if we aren’t exposed to different ways of thinking. We plan on hosting Milo Yiannopolous next semester and are working with our student government and Milo’s team to settle on funding and an actual date. While tabling/clipboarding we usually have a whiteboard with a critical thinking question “Why is free speech important?” Or “what makes democracy and freedom great” it gets some responses from the students. As of right now, we haven’t actually had any General meetings mainly because our students for Liberty chapter here is so prominent and our board has been attending their events and meetings they’ve hosted so far.

The liberty movement has been prominent on our campus since before I started as a freshman back in 2013 and I’m glad that YAL can help contribute to the promotion of liberty.

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