Fifty Five New Sign-ups at SCSU!


YAL at St. Cloud State hosted the Rags to Riches activism event this May, gathering 55 potential new members. Students had to figure out what nations were the most free.  Unsurprisingly, many people thought that the United States was #1, and were quite shocked to find out this wasn’t the case.  Several students wanted to learn more about economic policy after this piqued their interest.  Thankfully, we could provide all of them with a copy of After the Welfare State.


This was right before finals week, so we didn’t have any meetings left in the school year, but we did go out to Texas Roadhouse for diner with anybody who wanted to come.  Several of the sign-ups seemed very interested, and will likely hit the ground running with us this August when the next school year begins.  We will continue educating young minds on economic matters, as the economy is clearly not improving, even with a 0% interest rate and a constant flood of money.  Instead of driving growth, these policies only lead to inflation — a lesson felt when my new york strip  at the Roadhouse was priced at $22.99.

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