Fight for Free Speech at Boise State University

On Thursday March 2nd, Boise State University’s Young American’s for Liberty chapter partnered up with Turning Point USA and the Leadership Institute to promote free speech and free expression on campus with the help of a ten foot beach ball. BSU chapter president Mark Goodale has been working with the school to change some oppressive speech codes on campus that restrict students’ rights to free expression, and to help show the need for this reform, the coalition took it right to the student body. 

“I really like what you guys are doing here, it’s important, ya know, to be able to express yourself. That’s what college is about.” remarked one student who happily signed the ball.

“Even if I don’t agree with what you have to say, I think it’s important that you have the right to say it, because, well what if one day people don’t agree with what I have to say? I don’t want them to silence me, so I won’t silence you,” stated another student. 

YAL is fighting for free speech for these reasons as well as many more, and it is for that reason that we will continue to exercise, promote, and fight for our rights to free speech and free expression. Students and staff on campus generally all supported the actions that we took, and Boise State will continue to be a beacon of the fight for free speech in the future.

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