Fight for Free Speech at California State University – Los Angeles

The CSULA YAL chapter is still fighting for free speech! Our second trigger event took place without opposition from students or administration. We walked around different parts of the campus, on and off the “free speech zone” they have set up for us, with our pocket Constitutions and handed them out to students and professors. We even got a picture with our mascot proudly holding our Constitution! It seems as though the students at California State University –  Los Angeles enjoy free speech more than the administration, the ones who made speech codes infringing on our right to freedom of speech. Most students don’t realize that their rights are being infringed upon and so they take no action. We are informing each student who gives us a few seconds about the unconstitutional speech codes on campuses nationwide, including our own, and what we are doing to combat it! Most students have no idea, so when they are made aware, they get fired up, which is exactly what we want. We want to get others passionate for liberty along with us!

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