Fight for Free Speech at California State University Los Angeles

We love free speech at the California State University of Los Angeles, and so do a lot of other students here. That’s why we have brought the fight for free speech to campus once again. The free speech ball is easily becoming a favorite for a lot of students at CSULA. Every time we bring it out, it’s a big hit! We brought it out again for the second time this semester, and were able to get lots of different thoughts written on it, along with sign-ups and people expressing interest in YAL and what we do. The thoughts written on the ball are all so different. We have “Hillary for Prison,” “Hail Trump,” “Bernie Not For Sale,” “Not My President,” “Trump Sucks,” “Have a Good Day,” “Stay Positive,” “RIP Harambe,” instagram and snapchat usernames, advertisements, “Free Speech Matters,” “#rand2020,” and so much more! It’s so exciting listening to what people have to say when they see our ball and reading what’s on their mind. You’ll actually be surprised how many people do love and support free speech at CSULA, contrary to what other reports say. It seems that we are making great positive strides toward free speech at our school! Stay tuned for more, we’re not finished yet!

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